Board Of Directors

Marc Houseman - President
Jim Jackson - Vice President
Diane Disbro - Secretary
Judy Gross - Treasurer
Cathie Schoppenhorst - Historian

Mission Statement

What we're doing:

The major goal of the FODBBSIM is to maintain the property known as the Bryan Cemetery / Daniel Boone Burial Site and Monument and to ensure its preservation into the foreseeable future.

Tangent goals include developing the site into an historical interpretive center concentrating on the death and burial of the great pioneer Daniel Boone and other relatives. Also, the restoration of the Bryan Cemetery is paramount on the group's list of "to do" items. Repair or replacement of damaged tombstones, fencing, landscaping and other aesthetic issues will be addressed.

Why are we doing all of this? Daniel Boone is one of America's most widely recognized heroes. His pioneering spirit helped to open the American West for thousands of migrating citizens. Boone's name is known in all parts of the world as a great American and in some countries he is the second most recognized American second only to George Washington. Boone's original burial site, located near present-day Marthasville, has been cared for but is in need of serious rehabilitation. Tourists visit the site by the car-full on an hourly basis, year round. Parking is also an issue and the highly traveled road is becoming increasingly dangerous for pedestrian traffic. The FODBBSIM hopes to rectify all of these problems with help from citizens everywhere wishing to make a difference. A major fund drive is planned as well as public relation events and the hands-on projects.

Please consider joining the organization in its infancy. At this time, the yearly membership schedule is $10 per individual and $25 for a business.

You're welcome to join us at our next public meeting. The dates will be published on this website.

October 23, 2008 - Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri was officially incorporated as a nonprofit corporation by the state of Missouri.

November 4, 2008 - The board members of "Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri" approved the creation of the following committees:
Publicity / Public Relations Committee
Fund Raising Committee
Action Committee
Membership Committee

Anyone wishing to serve on any of these committees should contact a board member or e-mail us.

Read the organization's bylaws

Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri