Burials at the Bryan (Boone) Cemetery
As presented by The Washington [Missouri] Historical Society

In 1926 Mary Johnson McIlhiney, a local historian, visited the cemetery and made a list of the graves that were there. Her list was made 106 years after Daniel Boone's burial and 81 years after the Kentuckians came to remove his remains. Mrs. McIlhiney added Daniel and Rebecca and Flanders and Jemima (Boone) Callaway to her list as well as David and Mary Bryan, these being verified through family records.

No burials are recorded before 1813 and it is believed there were none. It appears that Daniel Boone and his wife, Rebecca, were the first people buried there. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) indicates that there probably are not any burials that we are not aware of. The following list is in order of death date (oldest first). We are always researching the cemetery. If you have knowledge of any additional information, we greatly welcome your input.

(S/O -- son of, D/O -- daughter of, H/O -- Husband of, W/O -- wife of)
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Boone & Bryan Family Burials

Name Born Died Comments
Rebecca (Bryan) Boone 09 Jan 1739 18 Mar 1813 D/O Joseph Bryan
W/O Col. Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone 22 Oct 1734 26 Sep 1820 S/O Squire & Sarah (Morgan) Boone
H/O Rebecca (Bryan) Boone
Flanders Callaway 09 Dec 1752 22 Feb 1829 S/O James C. & Sarah (Bramlett) Callaway
H/O Jemima (Boone) Callaway     Photo
Samuel Bryan 31 Dec 1810 08 Aug 1829 S/O David & Mary Bryan
John W. Bryan 25 Mar 1826 25 Jan 1834 S/O Willis & Czarina (Lamme) Bryan
William Samuel Bryan 03 Sep 1830 22 Jun 1834 S/O Willis & Czarina (Lamme) Bryan
Caroline C. Bryan 04 Aug 1832 23 Jun 1834 D/O Willis & Czarina (Lamme) Bryan
Jemima (Boone) Callaway 04 Oct 1762 30 Aug 1834 D/O Daniel & Rebecca (Bryan) Boone
W/O Flanders Callaway     Photo
John "Long John" Bryan 28 Mar 1804 08 Feb 1836 S/O David & Mary Bryan
H/O Huldah J. (Lamme) Bryan     Photo
Mary (Powell / Power) Bryan 10 Nov 1773 07 Jul 1836 W/O David Bryan
Married 1791 in Kentucky
Czarina (Lamme) Bryan 11 Feb 1805 24 Oct 1836 D/O Wm. T. & Frances (Callaway) Lamme
W/O Willis Bryan    Photo
David Bryan 29 Oct 1757 20 Mar 1837 S/O Rev. War veteran, James Bryan & wife, Rebecca (Enochs) Bryan
H/O Mary Powell / Power
First cousin of Rebecca (Bryan) Boone
Owner of the cemetery land when Daniel & Rebecca died     Photo
Czarina H. Bryan 11 Feb 1844 20 Jul 1844 D/O Willis & Corelia (Logan) Bryan
Louisa Adale Bryan 11 Aug 1845 15 May 1846 D/O Willis & Corelia (Logan) Bryan
James H. Bryan 05 Sep 1854 11 Oct 1854 S/O Willis & Corelia (Logan) Bryan
Willis Bryan 07 May 1802 31 Aug 1867 S/O David & Mary (Powell) Bryan
H/O Czarina (Lamme) Bryan
Willis Sylvester Bryan 02 Sep 1852 23 Jan 1873 S/O Willis & Corelia (Logan) Bryan
He was moved from original burial place to this one when
his mother was buried here     Photo
Corelia (Logan) Bryan 13 Apr 1819 18 Apr 1873 D/O William & Nancy (Hobbs) Logan
2nd W/O Willis Bryan     Photo

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