GRABS Family Burials at the Bryan (Boone) Cemetery

Augustus Grabs and Harvey Griswold were friends. Mr. Grabs eventually owned a store which had been founded by Griswold in the 1820s. Griswold sold the store to Joseph Adams in 1839 and when Adams died in 1845, Augustus Grabs bought the lot for $31.00. The log store building still exists today, less than one mile from the cemetery.

(S/O -- son of, D/O -- daughter of, H/O -- Husband of, W/O -- wife of)
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Name Born Died Comments
Sophie F. Gerdes 10 Nov 1821 No Info Probably D/O Gerd Hinrich & Margaretha C. Gerdes   Photo
Margaretha Catherina (Hurrelmann) Gerdes [born abt 1786
Schloss Varel, Oldenburg, Germany]
8 Feb 1844 W/O Gerd Hinrich Gerdes of Schloss Varel, Oldenburg, Germany    Photo
William A. F. Grabs 04 Oct 1839 22 Aug 1853 S/O Augustus F. & Helena M. Grabs    Photo
Augustus Ferdinand Grabs 27 Apr 1805
26 Sep 1865 H/O Helena M. (Gerdes) Grabs
Married 22 May 1837, Warren Co., Mo.
A Prussian, he emigrated from Berlin in 1834
after visiting the area in 1830.
1855 appointed by Gov. Sterling Price as
Justice of the Peace and Postmaster of Marthasville.
Portrait   Photo
Helena Margaretha (Gerdes) Grabs 30 Mar 1815
12 Nov 1887 W/O Augustus F. Grabs
D/O Gerd Hinrich Gertes of Varel, Oldenburg, Germany
Sister of Countess von Bentinck of Oldenburg, Germany    Photo
Johanna F. Grabs 01 Apr 1852 06 Feb 1899 Appears to be son or daughter of Augustus F.
and Helena (Gerdes) Grabs   Photo
Anna Louise (Grabs) Northcutt 02 Nov 1848 15 Feb 1899 D/O Augustus F. and Helena (Gerdes) Grabs
W/O Harvey Northcutt    Photo
Northcutt, Infant     D/O Harvey and Anna Northcutt
No other info    Photo
Harvey Northcutt 06 Aug 1849 11 Aug 1925 S/O George and Kitty (Catherine?) (Welch) Northcutt
H/O Anna Louise (Grabs) Northcutt
Married 31 Mar 1875
Death Certificate    Photo
Wilhelmine Eugenia Grabs 14 July 1854 16 July 1935 D/O Augustus F. and Helena (Gerdes) Grabs
Death Certificate    Photo
Edna Constance Opfer 29 Sep 1880 25 July 1941 D/O Harvey and Anna Louise (Grabs) Northcutt
W/O William August Opfer
Death Certificate
William August Opfer 22 Aug 1882 27 Apr 1948 S/O Herman and Anne Marie Elisabeth (Brakensiek) Opfer
H/O Edna Constance (Northcutt) Opfer
Death Certificate

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