Daniel Boone; A Summary of Who He Was and What He Did
by Ken Kamper, Copyright © September 1996

Published here with specific permission from the author

Daniel's Boone grandparents, his father, uncles and aunts all came from England to the English Colony of Pennsylvania. His grandparents and some of the uncles and aunts arrived in 1717, however his father and a brother and sister had arrived earlier in about 1712. They were all born in England and all settled just east of what is now Reading, Pennsylvania.

Daniel's grandfather, George Boone III, married Mary Maugridge and had ten children: George Boone IV, Sarah Boone, Mary Boone (who died young) Squire Boone (Daniel's father), Mary Boone (the second daughter with the same name), John Boone, Joseph Boone, Benjamin Boone, James Boone, and Samuel Boone.

Daniel's parents were married in 1720, in a Friends or Quaker wedding.

Daniel's mother Sarah Morgan was born in America, but Sarah's father, Edward Morgan was from Wales, arriving in America in 1683, a year after Sieur Robert Cavelier de LaSalle had traveled from Canada, down the Illinois and then Mississippi Rivers to claim for France all of the lands draining into the Mississippi River. The background for Sarah's mother has not been determined other than her first name being Elizabeth.

Daniel's father Squire Boone and mother Sarah (Morgan) Boone had eleven children: Sarah Boone, Israel Boone, Samuel Boone, Jonathan Boone, Elizabeth Boone, Daniel Boone, Mary Boone, George Boone, Edward Boone, Squire Boone Jr., and Hannah Boone.

Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan married in 1756.

Rebecca Bryan's grandfather was Morgan Bryan. He arrived in America in 1718 from Ireland, where the English family had been exiled. His wife Martha (Strode) Bryan is believed to have arrived in America as an infant from England with two brothers about 1697. During the voyage their parents sickened and died at sea. Morgan and Martha Bryan's oldest son, Joseph, was the father of Rebecca Bryan. The name of Rebecca's mother is not known. She died apparently right after Rebecca was born. The best attempt at her mother's name has been Hester Simpson.

Daniel and Rebecca (Bryan) Boone had ten children, James Boone, Israel Boone, Susannah Boone, Jemima Boone, Levina Boone, Rebecca Boone, Daniel Morgan Boone, Jesse Bryan Boone, William Boone, and Nathan Boone.

Daniel was America's first noteworthy American-born explorer. It was his exploring, then blazing the trail that others would use, then taking the lead for establishing the earliest westward outposts (frontier settlements), and holding them against the Indian attempts to drive the white settlers back, that allowed other white settlers to move westward to settle on new rich lands that offered a new life for the eastern farmer and his family. To many who had been in the east, their farm land had deteriorated in quality due to farming practices at the time that depleted the minerals in the ground. As a result, most of the average and lesser fortunate family farmers found themselves caught in a downward spiraling debt. Following Daniel's trails was a chance to start over again and to bring themselves and their children up from nothing, to again realize a chance for the future. We now call it "Following the American Dream." As the frontier leap-frogged westward from the Atlantic Coast to across the Mississippi River, to what became the State of Missouri, Daniel was always at the lead with blazing the trails and in establishing and holding the frontier settlements, and the farm families and the rest of society followed closely behind.

The repeated leading the way for others, and his many outstanding personal traits, and his unusual personal abilities are the things that made Daniel famous in his own time. He was humble, had unusual compassion for others, believed in doing only righteousness things, had outstanding courage, and was considered totally honest and reliable. He was also very keen in understanding the ways of Indians and the means for survival in the wilderness, and he was an excellent shot and hunter with a rifle, and a natural leader when called upon to lead. With most of these traits and abilities he had a better understanding than most. The trails from North Carolina to Tennessee, and Tennessee to Kentucky, and across Missouri were all Boone trails that in each case, were the earliest trails used by the white settlers and were the trails that almost everyone followed for many years.

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