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Old view of the cemetery
Very old view of Boone - Bryan Cemetery. Photo given to this website administrator by Stephens Museum at Central Methodist College, Fayette, Mo., where the original gravestones were placed for preservation long ago. The 'sunken' area in the foreground is believed to be where the Boone graves were opened in 1845. The two primitively carved stone markers, given to the college in the late 1800's by descendants of Daniel Boone, bear the names

1894 news article about Boone's burial place, as given by a cousin.

Cemetery History ..... History of the Bryan Cemetery up to 17 July 1845.

Were Col. Boone's remains taken to Kentucky? An article on the subject by Daniel Boone historian, Mr. Ken Kamper.

A Brief Summary of the Life of Daniel Boone ..... Daniel Boone not only symbolizes the American backwoods frontiersman, but was the lead person for America's westward moving frontier.

Daniel Boone; A Summary of Who He Was and What He Did ..... Daniel Boone was America's first noteworthy American-born explorer. This article furnishes information on his life and background.

Some Things In The Life of Daniel Boone ..... A timeline of Colonel Boone's life.

What brought Daniel Boone to Missouri? ..... A short account of why Daniel Boone moved to Spanish Upper Louisiana (now Missouri).

Daniel Boone's home in West Virginia

Places Where Daniel Boone Lived Throughout His Life

Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri