How to Reduce Funeral Expenses

Death is an inevitable part of life. Yet, the death of a dear one plunges us into grief. We would all love give them a proper funeral. These days, funerals have become expensive affairs causing a big financial drain on the family. Careful and wise planning can help to reduce the expenses and yet have a decent and memorable funeral.

A Few effective Methods to Reduce Funeral Expenses:

  • Go in for cremation rather than a burial:

In this process, the body is cremated immediately after death, instead of a regular traditional burial. It is an excellent and cheaper alternative. In this method, we are saving on buying a casket, and having embalming and other processes done. The arrangement for cremation can be done directly with a cemetery and not through a funeral home to save further money.Every person should have idea of how to calculate funeral expenses and how to pay funeral expenses.

Reduce Funeral Expenses

  • Hold a wake at home

Rather than having the wake at a hired venue, the wake can be held at home. This will save a good deal of money.  Getting a suitable venue at short notice can prove difficult too.

  • Prepare the food at Home

If the wake is held at home, you can arrange for simple food prepared at home to be served to the people who visit.  We can seek the help of close friends or dear ones to help out. A lot of money can be saved by not going in for a professional catering service.

  • Choose a cheaper coffin

The coffin chosen need not be very expensive as many of the traditional caskets are. There are even decent looking cardboard coffins available these days.

  • Don’t embalm the body

One big step we can adopt, to cut down on expenses substantially is to forgo the embalming of the body. This is a traditional but expansive process. If the body is being cremated, this step is not necessary at all.

  • Minimize spending on flowers:

Fresh Flowers look good but are quite expensive. These can be kept to a minimum. Some even prefer that money spend on these flowers can be better used by making donations to a charity or cause close to the heart of the dead person.

  • Have fewer pallbearers

We can also cut down expenses by having as few paid pallbearers as possible. The best arrangement would be to have friends or  close relatives to volunteer as pallbearers. It adds to the personal touch of the whole funeral.

  • Donate the body for medical research.

The act of donating the loved one’s body for medical research is a noble and socially encouraging gesture. The person must have expressed willingness for such a step during his lifetime. The benefit is immense. It is a service to society and saves the huge cost of a burial. Later, a solemn memorial service can be arranged.

A funeral is an important occasion for friends and dear ones to come together and pay our final homage to a departed soul. But by planning well and following a few wise and practical steps we can make it an affordable and yet memorable one.

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